The Deal

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Post 1213: we continue from Andy’s cameo appearance…

Yesterday’s blog ended where Andy came in and Dougy is in shock! How dare that kitty!  


Whew! After appearing suddenly in one big bound, Andy realizes his brother is on the recliner. So, athlete that he is, he maintains his forward motion and bounces over Dougy’s head, then off into the guest bedroom!111716-andy-shoots-across-the-recliner

 Trouble averted, Dougy kind of returns to his wand toy games. Sort of. 111716-dougys-into-wand-toy-games

He’s tired of games now and has other thoughts. Yep! Back to his ottoman!111716-dougys-tired-of-it-all

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. A perfect end to this busy morning!111716-the-end-dougy-schlafft

I doubt you expected a surprise ending if you know Dougy!