Post 1198: I learn from my kitties…

Just a week left before the election, and the kitty boys and I will be glad it’s over. I bet you will be, too. I voted on October 12th by mail, so I have been done with it since then. But it still is in the news. Ugh!

That’s why I am glad I have my kitty boys around. They have basic needs and wants: FEED ME! NOW! MINE! PET ME! LET’S PLAY! They are cute, so I excuse their shouting, and attending to their needs reminds me of the order of the world and how we will survive this election cycle.

Heck, I’m a member of the atomic bomb children of the 1950’s: The US Government told us we could survive an atomic bomb by ducking under our school desks and covering our heads!  (Take a look at the video if you doubt me. > smirk <)


Andy has the right idea. Find your happy spot…110216 use me andy birds.jpg

…relax, and watch the world go by!110216 use me andy bird watches.jpg

Hope you have a wonderful day! I will follow Andy’s example and purge the negativity from my system.