Post 1211: …pooped!

I guess it is no surprise. Cats spend practically the whole day dozing, snoozing, sleeping, resting, snuggling down, um, you know! They are pretty much meat loaves! Lovable meat loaves, granted. But meat loaves!

That said, Dougy insists on wand toy games after a nice meal of kitty food, which is now served at 12:30 AM instead of 1:30 AM since kitty stomachs give no recognition to Daylight Savings Time.


Dougy’s losing interest in wand toy games…Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_110973681762644.gif

…and it looks like he has a new plan.IMG_20161115_023652 (1).jpg

Ooopsie daisy!IMG_20161115_023653 (1).jpg

Zzzzzzzzz….IMG_20161115_022640 (1).jpg

 I guess that takes care of the rest of the day. LOL!