Post 1201: the kitty boys play hold out…

Wand toy in the morning is intense. Or it would be if Andy and Dougy didn’t catch the wand toy lure and refuse to give it up! (I have much better luck with peacock feathers, though they last about one play session…!)


Dougy catches the lure. Will he give it up?110516-dougy-catches-wand-toy


No way!110516-dougy-pounce

You kidding!? He moves to recliner and now is bored.110516-dougy-contemplates-wand-toy

Get yer kitty on, kitty! (No way!)110516-dougy-tangled-recliner

How about Andy? He’s bored already and doesn’t want to play, yet.110516-andy-too-tired-to-play

But he perks up and catches the lure. Will he give it up?110516-andy-is-interested

Ha! Ha! What fantasy world do you live in?110516-andy-perks-up

I guess “feed the kitties kitty food time” is too close to “wand toy play time” this morning. The kitty boys are putting out minimal effort, mostly catching but not releasing the toy. What fun is that? I think we all need to go back to our naps!