Post 1216: update on Dougy’s eye…

We’re halfway through Dougy’s eye treatments for conjunctivitis. He hates it, of course, and I have to use the kitty burrito technique (wrapping him in a towel) to get the job done. I’m glad I don’t have to do this pretty much forever like I do with Andy and his high blood pressure issue! Dougy may be a little cat, but he can put up a fight, as my leg verifies!


Dougy wasn’t happy that I gave him eye drops first thing this morning.112116-dougy-1

On the other hand, it seems to be helping with the conjunctivitis (before and after).

Andy got his medicine right off this morning, too, but he’s been hiding in the shadows from me since!112116-andy

The kitty burrito method wasn’t used at first, as my leg wounds show! (Never medicate a cat while wearing shorts! LOL!)112116-dougs-wounds

Today is another big day for the boys and me, I fear. The guy working on the fire alarm is showing up first thing this morning and today is the boys’ day at the groomer. Catching them to put them in the carrier should be interesting. Once you’ve caught them for the day, they are (reasonably) a bit more wary than usual. The next photos you see of them will be of neatly trimmed kitties!