Post 1205: Serena the Bombay cat

Those of you have been around for longer than six months may remember my friend Deborah and her adventure taking her three Bombay cats to Paris.  She told me sad news about one of those cats, Serena. Deborah gave me permission to post this remembrance to her poor kitty:



Thanks for asking, Doug. That would be a nice memorial to her.

I have had a few bad days of it. Serena was throwing up all weekend (with no emergency vets nearby) Long story short, she had to be euthanized Monday at  age  8; throwing up was the only symptom of an incurable disease.


Serena and Charles

 It left a hole in the family unit and Charles is very upset. He keeps going upstairs to look for her — she spent most days on my bed since the weather got colder. [Deborah lives in New England.] I was in shock: she had never been a really healthy cat but had never appeared seriously ill.

She was a very quiet cat. She loved sitting in the sunlight and bird watching. And her half brother had a real love/hate relationship with her.


Serena (behind Charles) by the door. André on the left.

Could you mention that she was part of the trio who went to Paris, really enjoyed French cat food, and Volvic mineral water, and that she is greatly missed?  In a world of big personalities, she was a very private, self contained cat who found pleasure in the simpler things in life.

RIP poor Serena. In your short life you were loved and brought joy. You even visited Paris.

Deborah, your note reminded me of the night my Louie the ginger cat died, and how he, too, vomited but showed no other evidence of the lymphoma that took his life. Hugs from a friend who understands how this loss feels. 

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      • It is never easy but my baby bird rests in a solid wooden coffin wrapped in layers of plastic beneath a round paving stone in the back yard with a concrete angel standing on the paver. I put flowers out there once in awhile.

        The surviving bird has ended her period of grieving and has now become the center of all attention and is responding in a manner as to show that she understands she is the center of attention now.

        I still miss Sugar Bird but my heart is healing somewhat.

    • It is hard to lose one’s pet this way, and in multi-cat homes, it is important to understand the cat or cats left behind go through a mourning phase as well. Thanks for your comment, and I know Deborah will appreciate it.

    • Me, too! That was a wonderful recounting of the trip to Paris that Deborah sent us, and that Serena, one of the well-traveled kitties of that story has now passed is sad news. I know Deborah will appreciate your comment.

    • Deborah parle couramment le français et a étudié à Paris au début des années 1970. Je laisserai votre commentaire non traduit. Elle comprendra … Merci pour ton commentaire. C’est un moment triste pour Deborah et ceux d’entre nous qui ont suivi l’histoire de la façon dont ce petit chat, André, et Charles ont voyagé à Paris.

  2. Please convey my condolences to Deborah, Doug. My heart goes out to her and Charles. I lost Tony on April 1st after the same sort of sudden onset illness and little Milk was so bonded to him it was very hard. She is getting over it but a lot of extra attenton was required.

    • Oh dear! My condolences to you, too, Angela! As I noted at the end of the blog, I lost my ginger tabby Louie the same way from lymphoma (back in 2011). I know Deborah will appreciate your comment and will extend her condolences back to you, too. We all love our kitties (or other pets), and they are family.

  3. Please pass n my condolences. There are no words to express. It is good to have the company of the other cats to help comfort your friend during grieving, but it is so painful to watch their process.

    • Yes, and indeed she reports it was hard both for her and for Charles, the half brother to Serena, who (as you read) keeps trying to find her. Tears your heart out to think about it.

      • I can’t look at Echo without thinking about her litter-mate Chase we lost last year. But telling the new kitten about Chase helped, and mothering helped Echo. One of the dogs has never forgiven him though (seemed to blame the kitten for Chase’s non return). Anyway its a terrible time and yet still a small price to pay for the joy they bring.

        • I’m sad reading about this. I think you are right about trying to help the remaining pets understand as best you can about the missing friend. They may not understand specifically (who knows?), but I think the effort made does help them deal with the loss.

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