Post 1259: it is here, ready or not — 2017!

We, the kitty boys and I, slept through the start of the New Year, but were right on track for our standard 1:30 AM kitty food time. Neither Andy nor Dougy would have it otherwise!

Speaking of Andy, he’s not had much presence lately, so today’s montage features  Andy, period. Dougy is happy for the rest from posing and acting in blogs. “Gimme a break, man,” he said in Catinese, or so I think.


So what was Andy up to this morning when I photographed him on top of the PC? Trying to avoid me because it was time to give him his medicine, of course! (He was upset, too, because he had a gross eye booger that shows up in the close up, but I caught him before he could “clean up”! )

Happy New Year

from Andy, Dougy, and Doug!


36 thoughts on “Post 1259: it is here, ready or not — 2017!

    • Sounds like my two kitty boys! Of course they wanted the kitty food, but passed on the kisses. Then they took naps till they were rested, then they chased each other around the apartment till they were sleepy again!

    • Andy and Dougy thank Mr. Bowie, and look enviously to 2017 so they can see views of the lovely garden he gets to explore. They get to look out the window but don’t get to explore outside because it is dangerous close to busy roads here. There is the risk of exposure to feral cats, too, and they wouldn’t have street smarts to deal with those tough, old buzzards!

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