Post 1284: snow day…

I tried to clear snow off my car and make a path to get my kitty boys to the groomer on time yesterday, but the snow was coming down heavily and getting piled into drifts by a stiff wind. It was clear that I wasn’t going to make the appointment.

I called the groomer, who rescheduled the kitty boys for a new appointment on February 2nd. It’s for the best. Poor things would have suffered the windy cold terribly after a haircut. For that matter, I had a hair and beard cut the day before yesterday, and I was very miserable after my short spell in the cold!


 Dougy and I took another look at the snow after the sun came up. He decided a better plan was to take clean up in the warm front room instead of venturing out as far as he could sneak.


Here’s a look out the back door. I couldn’t open it to take the photo because of a drift.


Yes, that’s snow on top of the birdbath! I guess it is about 10 inches deep or 25,4cm, and the snow was still falling and blowing.


21 thoughts on “Post 1284: snow day…

  1. Always better to be cautious. I know Nebraskans are more used to driving in snow than folks in many other states but it didn’t look like a good day for it. Dougy’s plan was good.

  2. I’m glad to hear you caved and called it off. Actually I gave you and the boyz a moment or two of worried thought, thinking about all that white stuff to be hazarded and just for grooming. They obviously received their “grooming” often enough. I’m REAL glad you took your snow day. Hi to the kitties. ~~dru~~

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