Post 1291: “Where’s Andy?”

Time to give Andy his medicine, but he’s nowhere to be seen….


Hey! There’s Dougy! Maybe he knows!


“Hey Dougy! Have you seen Andy?”


Hee! Hee! Never mind! There he is!

By coincidence, I didn’t turn my laptop off yesterday after I showed a visitor the video I posted in yesterday’s post. (I thought I had since I clicked on “shut down”….) The next video up was this one:

LOL! Yes, his amazing tail, once more, betrayed his hiding spot. Did I catch him? Ahem! Well, the plot thickens. He managed to escape. He’s out there somewhere, though. I shall catch him. He will get his daily dose of medicine. Mwahahahahaha! 


26 thoughts on “Post 1291: “Where’s Andy?”

  1. They are so lovely dear WB, how they know when they should hide… Our Princess, she became very nervous after all her medicine process!!!! you can guess, how hard to catch her. And after catching her, she begins to scream, to hiss, Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia


    • No, I get the pills mashed and dissolved in chicken flavored distilled water. I give it to him with a little plastic syringe.It;s still a challenge some days, but mostly the process is much, much easier than forcing a tablet of capsule down his throat or giving it to him in a pill cover, a method many cats are too smart to be fooled by! I have a little update on giving him his medicine for tomorrow’s blog. I had a much harder time completing the task today than usual. Andy still got his “good boy” treat at the end of it, but he definitely wasn’t a good boy!

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      • Persians are sweet kitties, for sure! Until I got Andy and Dougy, I thought they were like the villain Persian in “Stuart Little” and other movies: NOT true!

        Not all medicines can be administered this way, so I was fortunate his prescription was for one that could be.


  2. This is just the tip of the cat’s tail
    Who Electrifies You
    This is only the tip of the cat’s tail
    Who made this noise there
    No spirit is not there yet
    Unite our fluids
    And let’s start again
    The cat spoiled.
    ( frenhj song about tip, of cat tai by the Frères Jacques )
    In friendship
    Michel l


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