Post 1361: Dougy settles in for the morning…

The kitty boys are fed and have washed up. Now it’s time to settle in for the morning. Andy’s in hiding since it’s medicine time. Dougy’s followed me over to the glider and has hopped on his ottoman.


First, we have to scratch on the ottoman to make sure everyone knows this is “Dougy’s ottoman”!!!IMG_20170412_021119IMG_20170412_021121

Then we stretch out, find a comfortable spot.IMG_20170412_021141

“What!? What!? What!?” Dougy saw something that surprised him.

Never did figure out what he saw. Then he settled down for the time being, took a snooze.

14 thoughts on “Post 1361: Dougy settles in for the morning…

  1. I love the way catz show emotion through their clawing and scratching. They actually just reach out and claw me as a sign of affection. They show exuberance with wild and abandoned clawing, as you said Doug they show possession and, mine any way can also show disdain when scratching at the furniture. Happy Wednesday to you and the boyz. ~~dru~~

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