Post 1383: fun stuff!


I’ve always enjoyed mail time, especially when I get a letter or post card from a friend! Yesterday was such a day. The Salmon Brook Farms kitties and the Rosses sent me a lovely post card showing a field of  California poppies:Of course, as lovely as they are, what’s really fun is the message!

Thanks for the card, Lavinia, Rick, and kitty boys and girls! I really enjoyed your card! Of course, I also enjoy your warm, newsy blog and hope anyone who is unfamiliar with it takes a moment to read about

Going. Have a lovely day!

24 thoughts on “Post 1383: fun stuff!

    • Yes, and California poppies make a lovely scene when travelling roads in that state! I’ve grown them from seed in Nebraska, and they are a beautiful, delicate-looking flower. I should try growing them again! I love getting letters and cards from friends, and it is fun sending them, too!

      I love your blog for the beautiful photography of nature, and highly recommend it to others:

  1. Poppieeeees…poppieeees! (Wizard of Oz) Lexi got cut from that scene because she wouldn’t lay down and pretend she was asleep. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful postcard; very sunny. Here we have a refreshing breeze with somewhat cooler weather. We are puppy sitting for 2 days and it’s nice to walk with a sweater in the morning instead of getting too hot.

  3. Thank you, Doug, Andy and Dougy! Glad you all enjoyed the card! We thought the field of California Poppies might be a nice colorful card to send you in spring. 🙂

    • I’ve grown them here, and they are very cheerful flowers to have in the garden! The card served the purpose you intended! This card-sending business is fun. I hope others join in.

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