Post 1383: fun stuff!


I’ve always enjoyed mail time, especially when I get a letter or post card from a friend! Yesterday was such a day. The Salmon Brook Farms kitties and the Rosses sent me a lovely post card showing a field of  California poppies:Of course, as lovely as they are, what’s really fun is the message!

Thanks for the card, Lavinia, Rick, and kitty boys and girls! I really enjoyed your card! Of course, I also enjoy your warm, newsy blog and hope anyone who is unfamiliar with it takes a moment to read about

Going. Have a lovely day!


24 thoughts on “Post 1383: fun stuff!

    • Yes, and California poppies make a lovely scene when travelling roads in that state! I’ve grown them from seed in Nebraska, and they are a beautiful, delicate-looking flower. I should try growing them again! I love getting letters and cards from friends, and it is fun sending them, too!

      I love your blog for the beautiful photography of nature, and highly recommend it to others:


  1. What a beautiful postcard; very sunny. Here we have a refreshing breeze with somewhat cooler weather. We are puppy sitting for 2 days and it’s nice to walk with a sweater in the morning instead of getting too hot.

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