Post 1220: cleaning up…

Dougy and Andy spend lots of valuable waking time getting cleaned up. Here is a short animation of Dougy’s recliner session today:




29 thoughts on “Post 1220: cleaning up…

    • They are fun to make, now that I have a tool that makes them easily, my smart phone! Glad you liked it! (I like the spot where Dougy looks directly at me. It is typical of Dougy’s style: He’s very aggressive about the process, and he’ll stop, stare at you a moment, as if to say, “Why are you watching me, eh?! Take a photo, it’ll last longer!”


    • My smart phone does it. You take a series of photos in rapid order, select the photos you want animated, hit “Animation”, and it does the rest. Then all I have to do is e-mail it to my PC g-mail account. From there, it’s a simple matter to select it to download it in my WordPress media file for attachment to the blog.

      I hope that’s what you wanted to know, Chris. Honestly, I stumbled on how to do this!


    • It shows on the Reader and my PC. I’m not sure what to tell you about why you don’t see it. It’s a series of photos that my smart phone animated, so is not like a regular video. I presume you just see one photo from the whole animation. Hope it’s a good one! Sorry you can’t see the whole thing.

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      • I see on Facebook where it shows as one photo — the one where Dougy’s looking directly at me — but animates when you click on the photo to bring it up on WordPress. I’m sorry you can’t see the animation, though, admittedly, it is a crude animation the way GIF files are. Regardless, thanks for following my blog and commenting. I learn a lot about the things that work or don’t work from people who read this.

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