Post 1455: where they cool it all day…


In the guest bedroom, under a night table…


Clever boy, Dougy. It’s tricky catching you there because you are close to the bed~! I move toward you, you skedaddle under the bed.

Andy hides in the bathroom in a dark spot where I had to really sap the white to get any detail in his face or fur!

I didn’t see him till I turned on the light, and it still was very dark where Andy hid – another clever kitty boy! 


Here’s a bonus photo of Andy. 


12 thoughts on “Post 1455: where they cool it all day…

    • No kidding! I’ve relied on the groomers to keep the kitty boys dematted up till now, and this schedule conflict because of dialysis puts the burden of dematting moire on me.

  1. You can sure see the difference in their colouring….Andy is very brown in the last picture. Sorry, we were busy looking at Andy’s colouring. So these guys were playing like shy….did you have meds?

    Shoko and Kali

    • Check the photos of the kitty boys in Post 1456 for a true rendering of their colors. In certain light, there is a reddish tinge to their coats, but they mostly “read” as black kitties in some light or (as smoke Persians) as black cats with light grey highlights. Their father was a Birman, and there is a hint of that heritage you can see in Dougy, especially, in that last photo.

      Though the photo of Andy shows lots of brown in the last photo of Post 1455, the photo was taken in near dark. The color is distorted in the editing process I used to pull up the image of Andy.

    • The link doesn’t work, so I sent you my email address by private message on Facebook. I believe you will have better luck attaching a copy of the file to an email, and I am anxious to see a French cat in a box, Michel!

    • Not only is it wet in there, Andy actually finds the shower, um, intriguing! I am fascinated by his fascination, and sometime will leave the door open so Andy can wonder, “What the heck is he doing standing in that water???” As long as no water lands on him, he’ll just watch and watch. He gets the cutest expression on his face! He just doesn’t get it. “Standing in water? What’s wrong with him?” It doesn’t take much water landing on him to send him scampering, however, and I’m glad to be able to close the door and be a bit more exuberant bathing! (No, I don’t deliberately get water on Andy.)

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