Post 1467: an early start…


I was a bit worn out after dialysis Saturday, so ended up taking a “nap” around 2:25 PM that lasted till 9:30. That was OK with Andy, who slept the time away on my bedroom bureau. Dougy was more restless, giving me his “Wake up, Doug, AND FEED THE KITTIES~!” routine. 

So, I got up and fed the kitty boys. Bad mistake. Now they will expect a third feeding at 9:30 PM! I guess I’ll be expected to feed them again at 1:30 AM, too. Who knows? Who knows? 

After “kitty food time”, the kitty brothers found old favorite perches to clean their whiskers, Dougy on my walker and Andy on the PC.

 Then Dougy ran off to his flamingo-colored tub for a sit till it was time to move over to his ottoman.


Andy headed off to the end table for his repose.

Here it is, 11:39 Saturday night and we’ve done everything we do for Sunday morning! Now what? Go back to bed? I tell you, taking a nap in the daytime sometimes just confuses the order of things. 







16 thoughts on “Post 1467: an early start…

  1. It’s amazing – cats seem to equate long naps with a full night’s sleep regardless of what time it is. Snoops and Kommando have tried to con me out of an extra meal several times that way. maybe they think I’m too groggy to know the difference

    • Ha! Ha! I think our cats channel; each other! My two play that game, too. If I fed them as often as they think they should be fed, they’d weigh 50 pounds. As it is, I portion out a few kitty treats now an =d then during the day, keeping it under the suggested total for the day. Besides, if they are hungry, there is their regular dry food available all day. Since they don’t over eat that or weigh out over what their veterinarian recommends, I am confident I’m handling their calories better than I do mine. LOL!

  2. haha..Though not dialysis my IV Treatment makes me very tired and I sleep afterwards for hours so I know where you’re coming from. I even put the tv on in the bedroom and was watching a funny show but fell sound asleep with the TV blaring. Usually one of the girls is with me. Kali is a great gal to sleep with as she seems ready to sleep whenever I am. For some reason I don’t feel as guilty laying down if one of the girls is with me.


    • LOL! Dougy occasionally sleeps wrapped around my arm, just like he did as a kitten, but most of my bedtime kitty involvement is Andy zipping by on his way to a nearby bookcase with a fan on top (he likes the fan!) or Dougy pestering me to get up to feed the kitty boys – or Dougy, at least!

    • They tend not to over-eat, so I don’t know. So far, they haven’t come to me begging to be fed wet food. (It’s three hours after their usual morning wet food feeding.) They have dry food out all the time, something I wouldn’t do if they over ate, so they do have food when they need it.

    • Yes, just the rigors of dialysis kicking in. It isn’t unusual to feel very fatigued after the process, which is a medical procedure after all. While there usually is very little discomfort or pan involved in it, think about your blood leaving your body and going through a machine, then being returned to you!

    • LOL! Andy and Dougy put on a “whiney crazed kitty boy” act till I dish out the chicken pate kitty food or their favorite Greenie kitty treats. Beyond a doubt, they are spoiled rotten!

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