Post 1466: Andy wonders where Dougy is…NOT!

Andy’s looking around. He knows Dougy’s on the prowl for something, maybe a kitty fight! 

Andy hears a commotion in the other room. Oh! Dougy’s not looking for a fight. He’s in the dining area looking for a way to get in trouble!


That’s just like Dougy, thinks Andy. 

All the better to get all the “scritching”. Dougy will have to just suck eggs if he thinks he’s getting all the attention! Andy is pleased.









14 thoughts on “Post 1466: Andy wonders where Dougy is…NOT!

  1. I just love how expressive his face is. Even without your captions I could probably get what was going on just from Andy’s face.

    • They are brothers from the same litter, but they are easy to keep separate, especially in real life.

      For example: Andy has a coarser textured fur than Dougy. Dougy’s fur is very soft. Andy has yellow eyes and Dougy has orangey-brown eyes.

      Dougy looks more Persian than Andy. They had a Birman father, a cat that looks sort of like a Siamese in markings, and Andy has that smaller frame of the Birman. His head is narrower than Dougy’s. Dougy has a more typical Persian look – broad face, broad through the shoulders, big ruff. Andy doesn’t have quite the same look. His ruff is less full.

      When you are around them, too, Andy is a little bit shy, though he comes up to you because he’s also very curious! Dougy is more social, and more likely to rub on your hand and legs to make you “his” human! Andy, on the other hand, likes to give you “blinky eyes” to let you know he loves you!

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