Post 1468: “Who’s that!?”

Dougy buzzed in and settled down on his ottoman. Something was upsetting him, a dark presence. “Who’s that!?”  he wondered.

Brrr! Whew! Familiar now…

IMG_20170730_164603 (1)

…that dark presence is the sweet wee Andrew! “Hi, Andy!”

30 thoughts on “Post 1468: “Who’s that!?”

    • It varies so much depending on the light. That light grey is the color I like most. Their tummies are that color. They are smoke Persians, so their fur has that quality about it. (Here’s an bit from the CFA describing the smoke Persian’s coat – “In repose, the smoke appears to be a solid color cat. In motion, the coat will break open, giving glimpses of a startling white undercoat. All should have the characteristic white ruff and ear tufts. The perfect balance of undercoat to overcoat is transitory and the perfection of color balance can usually only be seen six to eight weeks annually. Their brilliant copper eyes seem almost like burning embers within the smoke setting. “

    • They are identical, but their fur takes on light in curious and interesting ways. Also, the light the photos were taken in has an orangey yellow cast to it, so I did some editing to get rid of that cast. That’s the other “secret” about the kitty boys’ ever-changing look.

        • You’d get little but black blobs if I didn’t do some editing. I also work on composition. It’s catch as catch can with the kitty boys, so there often will be unhelpful details in the frame. Some photos pass without any editing, but they are rare, usually taken in the good light by the doors.

          The photo in the threesomes of Andy photos are an example of where there is heavy editing to bring out any features on Andy. Only one shows the carpet in true color (upper right hand photo) the two others and the bottom one of Andy had to be heavily edited to bring out Andy’s features, but the end result is a white carpet! (No way with black cats!)

          Also, the shot of Dougy at the top left of that threesome is cropped exactly as it was captured by the slow smart phone shutter in low light, but that was one I had to deal with the ugly orangey light from the lamp.

          If I had fancier equipment to take photos, I might have less editing to do, but I don’t so you get what I’m able to get!

          • One would think that Mr. M would be easy to photograph because he has white whiskers and big gold eyes… Either I’m horrid with a camera, or he has magical whiskers, which usually manage to blend in with all his tuxie black.

          • About the only thing I can imagine to do is manage to get backlighting on them. Tuxedo cats are magnificent critters, and those white whiskers against the back fur are so pretty.

          • My added problem is that he dislikes the camera, so if I set up lights, etc. he’d disappear before the camera got turned on. Purrseidon, on the other paw, LOVES having her photo taken, and has a reputation for being a photobomb… at first, I thought she just liked the red ‘on’ dot, which was why she was so good about looking at the camera, but as time goes by, I’m not sure that’s her reason.

          • LOL! You don’t know how happy it makes me to know others suffer the same indignities of photographing their black kitties, Jeanne!

            “Happy”? Well, empathetic may be a better word for it!

            Andy is more like Purrseidon (always one of my favorite kitty name because it is so appropriate for the personality of the kitty!), but Dougy flinches or turns his head away every time because he associates cameras with that bright flash of the point-and-shot Nikon I used to use before I got the smart phone.

            I don’t use the flash on the smart phone, though that means I have more editing to deal with entirely because I know it’s upsetting to Dougy.

            p.s. When the battery on the smoke detectors in my duplex get low, the green light blinks. My kitty boys will sit under the smoke detector with the weak battery, trying to figure out how to get the light! LOL!

            I personally miss the blinking, a potential safety issue, so I like to think this cat behavior could make them hero cats by virtue of “locating” the smoke detector(s) that need new batteries. (They are cute, though, obsessing with those blinking lights!)

          • Sounds like your boys have the same fascination with the smoke detector light that Purrseidon has with the camera’s on light. It’s almost like she can get mesmerized by it.
            I understand what you mean by ‘happy’ that someone else shares you photographic problems… unless someone is trying to get a good picture of a black furball, I don’t think they can understand how frustrating it is. You do far better than I because you manage to come up with photos of them practically every day, whereas I’m lucky to manage a new photo of M once a week… If the kitty’s blog wasn’t shared by Purrsiedon and if the topics didn’t vary, I’d be sunk!

          • You have a lot more on your activity plate than I do. I’m just amazed you put together so much each week and still have time to write books! (On top of it, as noted, your posts are well worth a follow!)

          • I’m glad you enjoy my posts. They aren’t a typical cat blog. As per a lot on my plate, that’s why my posts tend to be short and usually focused on photos.

          • Tie to do still is a big issue no matter what format you use! Even those memes have to be located and copied into the blog, and those are among the most fun parts of your blog! Purrseidon, of course always is a winner, and I enjoy seeing new material featuring Purrseidon.

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