Post 1471: Hmm…. Why’s Andy running to the kitchen?


Dougy’s enjoying a light nap in the dining room cat tree when his kitty boy sense tingles…. (It isn’t just Spiderman!) Something’s afoot. Yeah, kitty footsies!


Distracted momentarily by his contribution to poor housekeeping, Dougy slowly realizes…

…there’s sure a lot of cat hair on the carpet! And, oh yes! Andy’s eating kitty treats!

Dougy must have eaten before he took his nap, though, because he doesn’t go to his treat station for his share. Of course, Andy checks it out after Dougy…


…returns to the cat tree to continue his nap. He eats what he can, then takes off for his nap.


For the benefit of people who can’t imagine how I live in such a hairy mess, let me explain: I’ve put off fixing a rattle in the vacuum, supposing it was beyond my ability to fix.

That is to say, as a guy, I procrastinated, then finally just ripped the sucker apart, fiddled with some things I can’t name, put it all back together in – I hope! – the right order, and the dang thing works again!

The carpet looks a lot better, with nothing but cat “oopsie” stains to give a hint how much I need to try that steam rug cleaner out. Yeah. No rest for the wicked.







24 thoughts on “Post 1471: Hmm…. Why’s Andy running to the kitchen?

    • I haven’t ever felt it was as successful at cleaning stains as plain elbow grease and a stiff brush dipped in rug cleaning soap and water. I suspect I will end in paying a professional service to clean the rugs in time.

    • It’s nothing more than a slice of a cottonwood branch from a huge tree that a storm toppled in the city park. I got a couple piece of it because it was a familiar and beloved tree to many people and me. Of course, I didn’t know what I’d do with them! Andy decided it was a great spot to sit and observe the scene. Then I decided it was a good spot to put kitty treats where there wouldn’t be crumbs on the floor. Of course, if you know cats you know they pick up a treat and chew it over the carpet. LOL! Yep, treat crumbs.

  1. When you are done steam cleaning your rugs, you can come help me. We should replace a spare bedroom rug but it’s the “barf” room (I’m sure you know what I mean). So my choices are to steam clean it and hope it looks “good enough” or to find a carpet that matches cat barf.

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