Post 1477: Andy and Dougy greet me…and Dougy has a short snoop outside

Andy and Dougy always greet me at the door when I come home. Today was no exception.

Andy followed me over to the dining room table, where I took off my sandals. He sniffed them till he sated his curiosity about where I’d been.

In the meantime, Dougy took advantage of a slow-closing door that didn’t close all the way for a little outside adventure. Uh oh!

Ā I followed Andy back to the door, which is how I learned about Dougy’s small adventure – he was coming in the door when we got to it. I pulled the door shut behind Dougy, and he showed no indication of shame.

Hey! He got to snoop outside for a short time, and almost got away with it! I’II need to pay more attention to that door in future.




20 thoughts on “Post 1477: Andy and Dougy greet me…and Dougy has a short snoop outside

  1. Dougy is an opportunist! I did the same when Dad opened the glass door last week & wasn’t paying close attention. I slipped out, but didn’t get far. Mom came out & scooped me up! “I was just going to inspect the hot tub”, but she didn’t by that! Tee hee hee! Hi Andy & Dougy!

    • Thanks! It was a little scare for me. The door has a slow close feature on it, but it needs some adjustment so it actually closes the door all the way. I wasn’t aware of that since I generally just close it manually.

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