Post 1487: pre-eclipse Caturday

Andy likes to perch here. When the total eclipse occurs on the 21st, what will be his reaction?

The best sources suggest he and Dougy will think it’s night and will have a midday nap! 

I will be outside observing it so may never know what the kitty boys are doing, in fact, but “taking a nap” probably covers it pretty well!

I’ll leave the walker by the open front door because Dougy likes to perch there. Who knows? Maybe they will enjoy the sudden drop in temperature, too, being fuzzballs!

31 thoughts on “Post 1487: pre-eclipse Caturday

    • That will be pretty dramatic, too. You’ll need the special glasses who the whole thing. Here, once it’s in total eclipse, we ca look directly at the sun-moon, though I feel a bit iffy about that.

  1. Good guess they will take a nap being that cats do that about 75 % of the time 🙂 I hope you enjoy the eclipse, it is only going to cover 67% here.

  2. What is sure is you won’ t be sleeping at the eclpse hour but watching intensely the cats’behavior ! 🙂
    This announces interesting post and photos.
    Have a great week end Doug ( the best possible )
    In friendship

    • I don’t know if I’ll get any photos of merit, but it is a possibility. I almost feel I should immerse myself in the event instead of taking photos. Hard to say how it will affect me.

  3. I’ve seen a fair amount of angst on the internet regarding pets going blind staring at the eclipse… I suspect we humans are the only ones who would do that. Pets will probably assume it’s time for a nap for beddy-by…
    Hopefully, you’re prepared to safeguard your sight!

    • That is my understanding, too, Jeanne. Yes, I am prepared to protect my eyes. I have approved now, but it will last long enough I can experiment with my indirect viewers made out of kitty boxes…(the shame of it!).

  4. There has been some ‘yelping’ on the internet about pets going blind from watching the coming eclipse, but IMHO, we humans are the only animals who would stare at it long enough to suffer damage. Thus, I agree with your assessment that they will simply think it’s time for a nap or beddy-by.
    I trust you have proper viewing glasses for yourself!

  5. Will the eclipse cause temperatures to fall? We’re not getting a total eclipse down in Northern CA, but it would be nice to have a brief respite from our blazing hot summer temperatures.

    Has your area become unusually busy, traffic wise? Several people here have complained I-5 going north has become insane as vacationers going to the Northwest combined with eclipse watchers hit the road this weekend. I had no plans for the weekend, but I am glad I’m staying home!

    • I suspect you will get some temperature relief, even with the partial eclipse. As for people coming to view the eclipse, so far is reasonably sane, with more out-of-town and out-of-state vehicles than normal, but I suspect tomorrow and Monday will be the worst days. I see the local churches and other groups have set out auxilliary road signs to the various local attractions, and preparations to feed the heavy crowds (at churches, etc.) are in evidence. One local restaurant went so far as to set up a large tent in their parking lot to accommodate an anticipated oversize crowd. I know several people who, like me, are having out-of-town friends stay at their homes for free, though others are charging strangers for the service. I’m glad I’m staying home, too! I’ll check the local media for the views of huge crowds, etc.

        • Or damage the camera. I don’t have the special filter needed to do this, not is my smart phone able to use one if I did. Anyway, there will be millions of images made of the eclipse, many of which will be better than anything I might make. I hope to experience it as a transcendental experience, the Big Wow! That requires everyone around me to shut up or, at most, join me in the Big Wow. That’s also why I will view it at home and leave all the hoopla events to people who drove from the surrounding area to experience it. They will be crowded enough, so locals can help improve their experience by staying away!

  6. Are you in the path of totality? I hope it is a great even for you and can’t wait until you report the boys’ reaction, even if it’s “ho hum”.

    • Where I live is pretty much exactly on the line of totality. Scientists who study these things are preparing to be here to view it because this end of Nebraska typically has low cloud cover this time of year. (Except on eclipse day! LOL! I hope not!), and the Denver metro area, a sprawl north and south of the city surely will be the largest supply of out-of-state viewers. Denver is 4 and a half hours away, easily a day trip. The Black Hills are next door, and a lot of people combined a trip to that area with the eclipse in Nebraska

      • You are most lucky!! But watch out for the tourists, sometimes they can be clueless. I ‘ve lived in a number of tourist towns LOL

        • I live close to the Blacks Hills of South Dakota and several Oregon Trail sites and museums, so I have a fair sense of what you mean! I used to hate to travel to Rapid City for car maintenance or visiting family there if it was tourist season. You could count on getting behind slow moving vehicles, people stopping on the road (not on the side), and other irritations that slowed you down. The road has been improved greatly in recent years, with divided highways from the Nebraska border to I-90, north of Rapid City, and higher speed limits most of the way. On the other hand, August is Sturgis Motorcycle Rally time, and you have lots of motorcycles on the road. The forecast put out this morning is heavy fog from the Nebraska border to the southern Panhandle, just the kind of thing you’d hope not to have when people are travelling to see the eclipse. Fortunately, it will burn off before the eclipse.

  7. The cats may create their own eclipse … Dougy in front of Andy or vice versa leaving you to temporarily despair as to the location of the other … And then as quickly as the cateclipse occurred it will be over making you wonder if it ever really happened at all! 🌒

    • Ha! Ha! And I thought they were just sniffing each other’s butts! Now I know there are other times when I see one of the other and ask that standard question, “Where’s yer brudda” (my question mark is not working for some tedious reason today.)

  8. we will see if we can see something :o) I can say that dogs can act crazy… Lucky, the Wawa of our neighbor bit the mama in the ankle in 1999… it ended as a total doomsday for her (4 stitches lol)

    • It will be interesting to read and hear what other people’s cats and dogs do during the eclipse. The local park has a large number of ducks and duck families. It may be the only time they aren’t out pooping on the fancy home yards across the street! Ha!

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