Post 1493: “Kitties don’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam!”

The kitty boys had their kitty food, then watch me make my breakfast.

“You never know, today might be the day Doug (the human one) makes something we wee kitties like!” Dougy tells his brother, Andy.

IMG_20170825_011720 (1)

I seriously doubt peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam comes up on the “Favorite Foods of Kitty Boys Who’ve Already Eaten” list, but Andy and Dougy watch me eat, closely.

“Maybe the blueberry yoghurt is for us,” Andy meows.

I patiently explain to Andy blueberry yoghurt, too, is off the kitty food list.

The two brothers absorb the scene of human food slipping down the gullet of Doug (the human one). 

Yum~yum~smack~yum! Doug clearly enjoys his breakfast, if those disgusting noises are any indication! (“What a piggy,” the kitty boys think, “but not like our buddy **Bacon the Vietnamese pot belly piggy. He’s nice!”) 

“Life is unfair, even if kitty boys won’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam! How do you know unless you let us try it?” both kitty boys hiss. 


Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A low light candid snap of Andy caught running off after sneaking a sniff – maybe a taste? – of what remains of my breakfast on the dirty plate.

No, you still don’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam, Andrew!


**Bacon is a real piggy and his blog is fun to read. The kitty boys got interviewed once by Bacon, something they enjoyed doing.  

Here’s where to find Bacon: 

57 thoughts on “Post 1493: “Kitties don’t like peanut butter toast with strawberry-rhubarb jam!”

  1. Our cats seem to think what is in our bowls must be better than what is in their bowls, no matter how many times I tell them they won’t like it! 🙂

    Give a good scritch to Andy and Dougy for me. 🙂

  2. This is such fun post 🙂 Andy and Dougy (they love the human one) are adorable. I like the science (or is it instinctive, or both) behind their eagerness to try a food that’s not theirs.

    Great para: Yum~yum~smack~yum! Doug clearly enjoys his breakfast, if those disgusting noises are any indication! (“What a piggy,” the kitty boys think, “but not like our buddy Bacon the Vietnamese pot belly piggy. He’s nice!”) 🙂 🙂

    • Glad you enjoy it.

      There are people on the follow list who’ve written that they have sorrow or pain in their lives that stopping by for a daily laugh helps ameliorate. That brings me joy! They get the point of my blog: life has its bumps, but laugh and enjoy the times in between! Oh yes, and be sure to recognize “Feed the Kitty Time” is sacred!

      As someone who has a serious disease (Wegener’s granulomatosis) that affected my vascular system (and, ultimately, caused me to have to have dialysis for end term kidney disease), I am not a stranger to despair, yet my attitude is positive, I count my blessings, I live each day not a the last day of my life but as the next day. I laugh, I enjoy my kitty boys and their silliness and the intensity of their silliness, and I try to show the fun my kitty boys bring to my life in this blog.

      If I can do this, then others can, too.

      • “I live each day not as the last day of my life but as the next day” – this is powerful and contrary to the cliched ‘live today as if it’s your last day’ saying.

        Stopping by for a daily laugh helps ameliorate – is true, and I wish your beautiful blog is read by as many people as possible. You inspire. Keep up this great attitude, Hugs.

    • The kitty boys send their appreciative “thanks”! They are lay hair carpets this time of year, but they are basically sweet wee cats!

      I just followed you blog as well – looks interesting! – because, as we say in my family, “Food is good!” LOL! I feel like a morning snack after checking out your postings. I also loved the “Dolly” story in “About”!

      I hope others reading this note take a look, though I suggest you shouldn’t read it before you’ve eaten! It’s to the kitchen for me to find something to snack on.

      • Thank you so much, Doug, for your lovely comment. In psychology, we say that food is comfort. I believe that so are cats, and let nobody tell you otherwise.
        Barmalei, Beba, and baby Pyshka send meows and purrs to Dougy and Andy! 😻

        • I got Sunday’s blog out of reading yours: I’ve intended to make scones to have with three types of home-made jams sent to me by a friend in Maine. After reading your blog, I made the dang things, ate them with each on the jams, one jam to a scone, and I think that will be my supper!

          Anyway, Andy Dougy, and I send you our Mrow~meow’s, which, as you know, is Cattineese for “Our pleasure! Cats and Food definitely define the good life!”

          • Not only did you inspire the topic for Sunday, it inspired me to make lemon-sour cream scones that turned out the perfect medium for the home-made jams my friend Deborah recently made and sent me!

          • You get my eternal thanks! I’ve put off trying to make scones for decades because there are some things made by one’s maternal side that are impossible to duplicate let alone top.

            In my family, my Grandmother’s chicken and home-made egg noodles has never been duplicated, though I had independent verification that I got my Great-great Grandmother’s shortbread recipe down right.

            (Of course, that may be how my Dad assured I would keep making it till I got it right! He loved the stuff.)

            Oh, yes. Those scones were yummy!

          • Oh yum – homemade egg noodles! Haven’t heard of those for years. I have learned to cook by my Grandmother’s side, and, according to my father (may he rest in peace), I came pretty close to her standards. Of course, that was the goal, so I’ve been trying very hard all my life!

          • Much understood! Hers were hick and irregular in shape, so each mouthful had a different (but always wonderful) quality. The lengths varied a lot, and they were so much tastier than the commercial variety that are flawless in all ways by taste.

          • Sounds interesting! I couldn’t locate a copy, but will try again. Thanks to selling me ineffective eclipse glasses, i have an unused d=credit with Amazon,

          • They weren’t certified by CE to meet the safety standard for this use. That would be the European equivalent of a UL certification. They might have met the standard, but hadn’t been tested to verify it apparently.

          • No, I’ve never mention it; in fact, I wasn’t even all that excited about the eclipse as most people seemed to be, and we couldn’t even see it from here. I think it may have been one of those ads that pop up on free blogs. When I visit yours, I see ads for clothing companies with crazy fashions.

          • I have no, absolutely NO say on which advertisements appear on this blog. I post so many photos – you like the kitty boys, right? – of Andy and Dougy that I ended up using all the free space and had to go to the $300 a year ($299.95, I think it is) Business option. Unless someone wants to send me a bunch of money, I am trying the advertisements, which potentially will pay me some small amount of money that’ll be sufficient to make it possible for me to continue this blog. (I suspect it will bring in virtually no money, pretty much the way these things work.) When the year is up, I will know if I can continue this at $300 a year. In the meantime, if the advertisements are a problem for you, consider the alternative: no blog.

            As for the eclipse, the thing that brought this chain of comments on is I mentioned I had a credit with Amazon I could use to buy your book if it were available. MY mistake was mentioning that it came about because of Amazon giving me a credit for eclipse glasses they sent me that were not up to CE standard. It had nothing to do with your book other than the credit made it more likely I could afford it if Amazon has it.

          • I see. The ads are not a problem, of course; they pop up everywhere. I ignore them.
            As to my book, I am very flattered by your interest, but I am afraid I misled you. It came out as a part of anthology “The Times of Turmoil”, The collection of stories in Russian was translated by my son Arkady Yanishevsky as his undergraduate fellowship, compiled by his professor Dr Braude.

          • I did see that book listed, and I’ll revisit Amazon or wherever I saw it listed. If it’s at Amazon, I have credit to use to pay for it, that is to say, what a great way to use it! I’l always interested in what other bloggers I follow write beyond their blogs, and try to buy those books when available.

            (I just placed the order, and will get it when it becomes available. I had enough bonus points on my Amazon credit card to pay for the entire cost of the boo and incidental taxes, etc. I’m excited about getting your book! I like short stories for reading at dialysis! Thanks for the link!)

          • Good question! You know, people who have books to sell (or CDs and DVDs) can sell them through Amazon. I may never see it, yet the price given was $12.00 when it becomes available! We’ll see. I’ll let you know when and if I ever get it.

    • Yum! There’d be none left for kitties, I fear! Besides, if albacore is any indication, they love the water off the tuina, but won’t eat the meat, even when i try to mush it up into a more pate-like mess. I may try making it even finer the next time in the food processor. I think they have difficulties “mouthing” it, thanks to their Persian faces.

    • Fortunately for me, nothing I’ve ever let them sniff struck their fancy. I recall Peanuts, my boyhood dog, somehow managed to eat his canned food in one, two, sometimes three gulps, quite unlike the fastidious eating habits of the kitty boys. I suspect you are smart and don’t let Phenny sniff what you are eating!

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