Post 1513: …detente?

Poor Dougy! Still locked out!

Then Marianne came through the door. Dougy let out a sad little “meow” when she leaned toward him, but was a big kitty boy and let her pet him.

Perhaps he’s adjusting. Earlier, when Marianne and I were talking and she was standing too close to Dougy’s ottoman (by his reckoning), he fiercely scratched the ottoman to let Marianne know, “It is MINE”

Gracious! How rude!


23 thoughts on “Post 1513: …detente?

    • Marianne says to tell you she loves the way you take care of all of the beautiful flowers! She has been sleeping well here, probably because she locks the kitty boys out of the bedroom. Ha!

    • In the negotiations between the kitty boys and Marianne, it was decided to leave the door open a crack for them to come and go. When Marianne wakes up, I’ll have to ask her how she slept. (That’s a sneaky way of asking “Did the kitty boys pester you all night?”) If it worked out, the change will be made permanent.

      • It is hard to sleep with cats walking over you all night. If there are two or more they seem to take it in turns to walk on you. This is difficult after a very long stint of travel, especially if the traveller is jetlagged as well. I hope the boys are considerate.

        • I hope so, too! What they can’t know is that the door will be shut again if they did interfere in her rest. The plan here is to try to let Marianne decompress as much as [possible here so when she returns to Amsterdam, jet lag is less of an issue. Three weeks in America in two time zones (Eastern and Mountain) is enough to scramble anyone’s circadian rhythms!

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