Post 1539: more sleeping kitties videos…

A sleeping kitty is a temptation…

…I have trouble resisting!

Of course, sometimes the sleeping kitty so charms me I leave him alone!

But sleeping is an important part of being a kitty, so even I try to respect that time they finally prepare for naps. Sort of.



21 thoughts on “Post 1539: more sleeping kitties videos…

    • They are good company, though there is a lot of grooming and messes to clean up. Shedding season is especially tedious, with clumps of kitty hair every place! I’m pleased you like the videos. I think the kitty boys’ personalities come out better in those than in the still photos.

    • Yes, they do. Andy, for example, flexs his front paws. They both change positions.

      True, I probably should have called it “messing with kitties trying to sleep” or something along that line to be specific and literal about the content of the videos, but I chose the videos after the subject title came to mind.

      Note that the third video is Andy sleeping, as advertised, and that my captions indicate I am messing with cats either trying to sleep or that had been sleeping till I came alone, saving you being disappointed watching the first, second, and fourth videos if you absolutely wanted sleeping kitty videos!

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