Post 1584: kitty tummies…

Marc-André of  Katzenworld encouraged me to provide photos for Tummy Rub Tuesday. I protested a lack of new photos of either kitty revealing a fluffy tummy to rub.

On a second look, I seem to have a lot of Dougy photos where he exposes his tummy and a few of Andy, including this classic pose of Andy with added glasses:


I better get on the ball and send Marc-André some photos for future Tummy Rub Tuesdays

21 thoughts on “Post 1584: kitty tummies…

    • After a trim, they have a very different look, but it’s been some time since that’s happened, thanks to scheduling problems. On the other hand, the longer their hair grows, the more handsome they get. Their groomed may have worked themselves out of $600 a year in cat haircuts by not being able to get me in when I don’t have dialysis.

    • Tummies are tempting targets! You have to be watchful if you think a kitty wants you to rub his/her tummy, though. Sometimes if is a painful trap, with your hand being the victim of a four paw hold! LOL!

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