Post 1603: New Year’s Eve 2017…

Wedgie Boys collage

I’ve enjoyed sharing my kitty boys, Andy and Dougy, with you this past year and will continue to share them in 2018. We are taking a bit of a break from the laptop today on the chance we can rest up enough to actually see the new year in. (I’ve personally slept through more new years than not!) Whether I stay awake till 12 midnight tonight or not, I wish you a Happy New Year 2018!


53 thoughts on “Post 1603: New Year’s Eve 2017…

  1. Happy New Year! I enjoy your stories of the boys 🙂 I myself have been streaming London feeds on the eve & can get to bed 5 hrs earlier 😉 all though fireworks locally always wake Washe kat & me realtime, for the rest of the night 🐱


    • I don’t know how you manage to come up with winning posts every time, but I look forward to them and enjoy a huge guffaw each time. Well, one big one per each picture in each episode! You must have to hide from your neighbors. LOL!

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      • Thanks, Doug! LOL! These red State Republicans “fall in line and follow orders” so they have no idea what’s really going on until the horrible economy, they created, cancels their credit cards and crashes their IRA’s! I expect the Republican tax scam will bring this about fairly quickly. 😨


      • I hope not, but anyone who’s been around remembers crashes of varying severity in 2007 and the early 1980s, for example. When it does happen, I hope it is in time for the 2018 election. Of course…OBAMA! Or maybe it somehow is CROOKED HILLARY!

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    • Well, Peggy, so did I! I guess it’s not meant to be. My circadian rhythm doesn’t include New Year’s dancing at the Ritz. I thought the “Thin Man” marathon on Turner Classic Movies would do it – I’m a big William Powell-Myrna Loy fan and have the complete set on DVD – but, no! Slept through all but the end of one and the last one in the series.


  2. Happy NewYear to you and the boys Doug. Like you I have failed to last until midnight a number of times but I am going to try tonight. Hopefully a fancy coffee at 8:00 PM will help.


    • I tried and failed to make it, thought I didn’t think of the coffee possibility. I grind my own, so could have made one stout cup had it occurred to me! Anyway, here I am, sitting in 2018 and I have one more New Year’s slept through to add to the tally! Happy New Year’s to you and yours, too!


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