Post 1602: Andy just wants to bird!

Andy got there first. Then…

…the two Dougs butt in. “Can’t a cat watch birds in peace?!” Andy pouts.


“Good! Dougy ran off to get a drink. One down, one to go.”

[After I used my smart phone to make a call, I left. Dougy took a nap. Andy was happy again!]

14 thoughts on “Post 1602: Andy just wants to bird!

    • Almost never. I doubt he’s been outside on his own (and only briefly with heavy supervision) more than five times. We live too close to two major roads for their safety, and there are enough ignorant people with a fear of black cats that I feel it is just safer for my kitty boys to be inside cats.

        • I managed to lose my place writing a comment back, then I learned accidentally an easier place to reply. It has the added benefit of not being as simple to accidentally categorize a comment as spam when it isn’t. All that said, it’s in Reader ~ Conversations. Whew! Anyway, David, it’s a two way racket: The kitty boys are provided all they want or need and I get to tell tales about them for people on all continents but Antarctica to read. LOL! Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

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