Post 1604: slept through yet another one…


As of yesterday morning, my landlord hadn’t cleared the lane from the various snows of the past week. Nice walking for a guy with a cane! New Year’s morning, still there, waiting to land me on my butt!



Andy and Dougy woke me up around 1:20 AM. “Feed the kitties” time, you know.

Then it was time for Andy to take a nap on the end table and for Dougy to wait for me to finish my breakfast so we could play “wand toy” games. 

So far, 2018 looks a lot like 2017!


I came across this old post and thought you might enjoy a laugh from the past, a joke about 4500 years in the making!

The thing that amazes me is that the Sphinx’s proportions actually are catlike!

50 thoughts on “Post 1604: slept through yet another one…

  1. Local fireworks here went off at midnight, and continued for a while. The cats were spooked. Marcus broke a lamp, and Nano jumped up out of a sound sleep, looking as if he had seen a ghost!

  2. Time to play that early….I’ll send Shoko over. She is pawing at my hair about then. Funny an hour later she doesn’t want to play but sleep and is right indignant if I keep pushing it.

    You need a cane like mom used to have….it hada sort of ice pick on the tip that would fold up when she walked in the house. I think she still has it somewhere.

    Jean and Shoko

    • Yep, same with Dougy! After beg, beg, begging me to play a few minutes ago, we played intensely, running hither and yon, hopping into the air to catch the “bird”, hiding and pouncing from behind a variety of places, then…sleep!

      Oops! Spoke too soon. Now the kitty boys are chasing each otehr through the apartment! Lots of energy this morning for kitty games, it seems, and I know they both will be asleep soon, dreaming of kitty things for sure!

      That cane sounds like the right kind for this place this time of year all right!

      Give Shoko and Kali some serious “scritches” from me!

  3. The worst part of them not removing the snow is that it turns to ice in this cold weather. The kitties probably don’t mind – less chance you’ll leave them alone. 🙂

    • That is a fact! The worst for me is when it snows over the ice and I don’t know it till I experience it! It’s bad enough when you are in your car and find these patches, though I’ve lived in this climate all my life and have experience on ice. Of course, modern cars have had ABS braking systems since the 1990s, and I use that as needed.

      The kitty boys know that I don’t allow them to go free range for their safety, but they are curious about that white stuff! Andy likes to eat it if I track snow in on my shoes or clothes. Dougy would like to explore a bit in it, so I do have to watch him for an escape attempt! (When he does get out, he is easy to catch because he slowly sniffs all the smells around the door and on either side.)

  4. Some people think the Sphynx was originally a lion with a lion head, that got chiseled away by the pharoah who wanted his head up there. That is why the head is too small for the body.
    Super impression, and Happy new Year! No one could sleep through midnight here. It sounded like the invasion of Normandy!

    • I tend to buy the lion with a lion head business myself. It would be less mysterious, I suppose, but quite handsome and impressive!

      As for Andy’s impression, I get a chuckle out of it because he, like most cats, is much bigger in his own mind than in fact! (An example: When I’m in the recliner and he gets up on the back, he will periodically surprise me by putting his front paws on my head. That is pleasant…until the little poop grabs my head with his claws! Yep, he’s a lion in his mind!)

      We didn’t have fireworks here as far as I know. The City Council has authorized a one night permit to fire them off on this evening, but I don’t recall this being allowed this time. OK by me!

  5. Made it almost to 11 but nothing I wanted to watch and even the cats were starting to snooze. I put on some music and then dozed off of course, even the 1812 Overture probably would not have worked. Love the Sphinx cat shot. You are right, finding a pic from that angle is rare. If 2018 is like 2017 I guess it means we’ll survive LOL

    • And the same to you! Hope you are enjoying the best part of the holiday – the aftermath, which, for those of us who didn’t celebrate last night, is peace and quiet!

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy & prosperous 2018.

    I nodded off early, too…. 12-31 is always a hectic day because it is my husband’s birthday, so friends started dropping by at 10 a.m. Intermittent visitors and phone calls are exhausting…. My husband did volunteer to celebrate his birthday in June or July instead, but I suspect he is trying to sneak in extra cake. As is, with all the festivities, he scored a strawberry cheesecake, a fudge cake AND a pecan pie… I’m thinking he needs to make dieting one of his resolutions….

  7. snow…. wow! Every time in here at the last day of the year we dream to have snow but not again… It is sunny day and not cold. Thank you dear WB and his amazing lovely cats, Blessing and Happiness for the New Year, Love, nia

    • And Happy Mew Year to you and the kitties, too, Barbarella! I’ve rarely avoided getting up when the kitty boys deem it is “feed the kitties” time. I’ve tried, but Dougy is a master of irritating me to the point I give in.

    • LOL! Well, YOU don’t look older! The kitty boys don’t look older. I do look to 2017 fondly on some counts, one of which was finding your fun and funny blog, which originates, happily, from France, one of my top favorite countries of those few I’ve visited!

    • Me, too! I am very careful walking on it because the cane tip tends to slip, leaving me hanging in plain air if I don’t. Considering I live in a retirement compound, there are many people with some disabilities and weaknesses that a snow-packed lane can aggravate. I have no shame when it comes to publicly pointing this out.

      As for a fluffy sphinx, I forgot about that post, which actually is fun to stumble on again!

    • It is fun, isn’t it! I remember (now) when I took that photo, I was astonished how much his pose matched the Sphinx. After that, I had a bit of a time finding a photo from that side. Most are taken (for some reason) from the opposite side.

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