Post 1605: how Andy flows…



It’s unreal that sleeping Andy hangs over the edge of the end table this much and doesn’t roll off.


This is how he starts out.

IMG_20180101_072126 (1)

Andy is amazing!


34 thoughts on “Post 1605: how Andy flows…

    • I crack up when I see him hanging over the edges of the end table that way! Ha! In related “news”, the other day Dougy rolled off his ottoman. “After a brief moment of “what happened?” he regained his equilibrium and assured me he meant to do that!


    • Until I became a cat person in 2009, I didn’t appreciate just how entertaining cats can be. LOL! I feel like a Jane Goodall of the Felines sometimes. I guess we all are that way about our pets, regardless of the species.


    • Oh no! Floridian doggies should never know cold, especially not my little buddies Ms. Zulu and Benji! Yeah, I had to laugh when I took that photo. It’s going to be on Katzenworld, too, though I don’;t know when. I submitted it for “Tummy Rub Tuesday”, one of my favorite features! Anyway, I hope the doggies keep their tootsies under the blankets and don’t get cold!

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