Post 1627: Andy goes subtle…

IMG_20180121_123716 (1)

Look closely…


…or you’ll miss it! Andy goes subtle!


30 thoughts on “Post 1627: Andy goes subtle…

    • The longer his hair gets, the prettier I think he’s become. Dougy is prettier now, too, with the longer hair. I have been able to h=keep up with the matted hair issues, making me feel convinced I can reduce the groomer appointments in future.

    • Thanks! I never know what I am going to get because, being a cat, when he (or Dougy) knows they are about to be photographed, I can count on them averting their eyes. Maybe they see their reflections in the smart phone screen and think it’s another cat. Cats, of course, are very reluctant to stare at each other because it is rude.

    • Thanks! I think the longer their hair gets, the more beautiful they get. Thanks to scheduling problems with the groomer, they’ve gone longer without trims, letting me realize that they look prettiest as untrimmed Persians! I may stop getting them groomed except for the “hygienic trim” around their butts! I’ll save $100’s a year!

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