Post 1628: the glance…


Andy snoozes and Dougy commands The Box. 


Andy decides it’s time for a little snack, but he has to run the gauntlet…


…and survive The Glance! 

Whew! It was touch and go, but Andy got his snack and Dougy stayed in The Box.

11 thoughts on “Post 1628: the glance…

    • I get enough new boxes, thanks to ordering a lot from Amazon and a couple of pet supply places, that the kitty boys always have a new box. There are some they especially like that I can’t get rid of. On in the front room is at least three, maybe four years old. I’d love to get rid of it, but the kitty boys continue to use it! On the other hand, I can sneak some boxes into the trash when they are in the kitchen area because the kitty boys typically have several boxes to play in. They don’t get too upset when I trash out a couple when they have a couple others to play in!

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