Post 1729: Medicine time…is over!

While Dougy enjoys the fresh air by the front door, Andy enjoys his Greenies treat for being a good boy during his medicine time. (Well, good enough!)

Then he heads for the stereo to clean up and perch for a moment or two. Looks like a good time to follow up with some bird watching, which he did, after I put the camera down.


Andy has a veterinarian’s appointment 7 May at 1:30 to check his blood pressure for improvement (I hope) so he can continue at the same or lower dosage on his medicine. If it’s still running a bit high, the poor kitty will have an increase in his medicine dosage. 

32 thoughts on “Post 1729: Medicine time…is over!

  1. Today is allergy meds for lily
    I’m a bad father I keep forgetting
    To give her meds
    She’s infected
    I wish I had a brain
    To keep it all going at once

    • I can appreciate that, Sheldon. I time the medications with my meals. I take medication at those times, so am thinking about such things anyway. Also, occasional “misses” is OK, I understand, though I don’t know how “occasional” that might be. I try not to forget or skip dosing Andy for reason like he hides during the usual time he’d get it.

  2. Wishing Andy good luck at the vet, Doug.

    The Gift of Life page is up on my site now. Check out the ring menu at the top of the posts. I will eventually set up a slide show for each memorial garden, if I can do that with the theme I am using. I still don’t have all the pictures up, but Elbert’s garden is in there.

    • Marianne appreciates that you did this in her late husband’s memory. I like the idea of it, too, and it is one way to honor the memory of all deceased people and animal companions.

      Andy’s visit at the veterinarian is covered in my My 8th post. We’re still working on getting his blood pressure in the m=normal range…

    • Andy didn’t like what he heard at his appointment: Medicine time occurs twice a day instead of one for the rest of the week. If that takes care of the blood pressure issues, the change will be permanent!

    • More on that in the May 8th post, though the short of it is his blood pressure still is high and he has to have medicine time twice a day instead of once till Friday, they we’ll check it again. Andy was a very good kitty boy while there, though, and I got some sweet photos of him proving it!

    • Thanks! Much appreciated! The update is my May 8th blog. He has to have two medicine times a day till Friday to see if that brings his blood pressure down. It was still high.

    • Yes, I agree, as does Andy, though he is doing much better with the medicine warmed to room temperature. I told his veterinarian that seemed to help getting the full dose down, and he said that shouldn’t be a problem with the medicine, which otherwise has to be refrigerated in the big bottle.

      My may 8th post gives the details of his appointment day. His blood pressure still is high, and he has a Friday appointment to see if two medicine times a day helped….

    • Thanks, Jeanne! No, I could do without the medicine times, but he’s behaving much better during the medicine times since I’ve begun letting it warm up to room temperature. His veterinarian told me yesterday that is is acceptable, especially since it helps Andy take all of it in. (His medicine has to be refrigerated in the bottle.)

        • He’s been much better about taking his medicine since I started letting it warm up, and his veterinarian says it won’t cause problems. The bottle it comes in, though, has to be refrigerated because of the chicken flavoring in it.

    • Andy was a very good kitty boy at the appointment, so definitely earned his Greenies! His blood pressure is still high, so he has another appointment for Friday to see if a change in his medicine times helped.

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