Post 1728: together for a change…


Andy (in front) and Dougy agree on one thing in particular: That backyard is one of the best birding spots in Western Nebraska!


Sorry for the late posting today. I was fairly exhausted by the week’s activities and slept ten hours last night! Even Dougy couldn’t wake me up till two and a half hours after the usual time.


15 thoughts on “Post 1728: together for a change…

  1. I am glad you caught up your sleep. I don’t have your health problems but evry now and then if a lot has been going on or there is a lot of stress I will need a sleep like that. My feline ornithologists send their regards to the boys.

    • Yes, stress necessitates longer sleep here, too! My recent visitors, while easy to get along with, and despite pleasant times and talk, were exhausting to have visit. I found I had to excuse myself on one day of their visit and go to bed at 5 PM! I needed the sleep and got around 10 hours that day/night!

    • The long sleep definitely helped! It also underscored a fact I can’t ignore: In future, I can’t have guests unless they understand I am not able to vary my routine to accommodate theirs any longer, that they may have to entertain themselves if I am coming off dialysis or having exceptionally heavy fatigue some days.

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