Post 1746: hunting season…

A fly got in. Not to worry! Dougy’s on the lookout for the little bugger, and will cat ch it eventually, unless Andy catches it first.


First, it has to fly by him!

22 thoughts on “Post 1746: hunting season…

  1. Well of course. The fly must flit by before any energy is exerted. This is the life of a professional fly catcher. Don’t sweat it….just let it have the paw as the fly mousey’s on in front of you.


  2. Those flies, they can be a noisy, pesty sort. It just makes a kitty wanna whap ’em! Hmm… maybe Andy and Dougy can each give that fly a good whap! And where there’s one fly, I’ll be there’s another right behind it. One for each kitty then! Tee hee hee!

    • I hope there’s only one! I hate them to pieces! Any fly the kitty boys catch is worth some kitty treats to get the taste of those nasty flies out of their mouths!

  3. Flies provide a lot of dicersion here too. And every morning Cloud patrols the bathroom and under the kichen cabinet edge for spiders. His favorite movie is Alien vs Predator.

    • Ha! Yeah, that would be a major cat coup to catch either one of those monsters! The kitty boys especially enjoy crickets and spiders. Anything that catches crickets – chirp! chirp! – is OK by me!

  4. That is when you realise that your “fluffy sofa cushions” actually are predators and good hunters πŸ™‚

  5. please come over to catch our flies too… the mama bought a frigghin eggspensive spray what will freeze the flies while flying… buy now we have a ruined wall paper and a damaged house plant… but the fly is flying around …

    • I’m sure she could rent a cat at the local Rent-A-Catorium store…. Higher efficient, entertaining, eco-friendly, sometimes a bit, um, – how to put it? – destructive. (Dougy attacked a floor lamp that now doesn’t work. I hope it’s just the light bulb. He didn’t get the fly that time, either.)

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