Post 1462: “You’re what???”


Dougy’s incredulous!

“You’re what?

Yes, Dougy, I’m getting my beard and hair cut today. You and Andy get to go till the end of September before you get yours.

24 thoughts on “Post 1462: “You’re what???”

  1. Always good to get rid of excess fur in the summer when its hot. The poor kitties having to wait till September. They will really appreciate the clipping when it comes in September.

    Shoko and Kali

  2. I am sure the boy’s find it hard to believe you would want to go to the “groomer” but I suppose a summer cut is more comfortable in the heat.

    • That is a fact, and I am sorry they will miss theirs this year. I’m leaving the air conditioning on and putting ice in their water to help out. Brushing out the loose hair in their coats and dealing with the mats surely helps, too.

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