Post 1747: something of interest…


It doesn’t take much to amuse the kitty boys…


…and Andy and Dougy are curious as heck about this new thing out the front door.


It’s just Memorial Day planters for the family graves,  kitty boys. This year I lucked out and found geraniums, the traditional plant for Memorial Day in my family. I’ll put them out the day before, Sunday. 

17 thoughts on “Post 1747: something of interest…

    • I used to make the plantings, but they never got mature enough to have any size by the time I needed to take them to the cemetery. Later in the season, they’d be spectacular, of course! Recent years, I’ve either bought large potted plants or planters like those I found this year. I try for geraniums because they are hardy, just perfect for sitting out in the hot prairie sun if that’s the weather for the year. (It is this year!) I drench them with water when I put them out, then check them each day so they don’t get dehydrated. Plastic or silk flowers are less hassle, but aesthetically they don’t appeal to me.

    • Andy is a scaredy cat and doesn’t go beyond the edge of the door. Dougy will take off, but he is a very snoopy kitty boy. He sniffs every inch of the way, and takes a long time to make any progress. In the meantime, I have no problem stopping him and bringing him back inside. Both are microchipped just in case, though, and they both have their required (and recommended) shots. Collars would be a good idea, just in case, but I don’t make them wear them since they are indoor kitties. When I had an indoor-outdoor kitty (Louie the ginger cat), he regularly lost his collar inside or out. I or my neighbors always found it in no time, so he didn’t have to stay inside. I didn’t make him wear his collar until he wanted to go outside, then I put it on. He was OK with that.

        • Live with two kitties nearly seven years, and you pick up on some tricks! (I think having been a birders for decades has helped. I approach cats the same way, observing their behaviors because they tell me a lot about the species!)

    • In these photos, there are two clues: Andy is hesitant to step outside, and Dougy wants to snoop around outside, so always will have his head outside the door, The other clue: Andy (on left) has a more oval shape when his fur is grown out like it is now, and Dougy has a bulldog shape – heavier in front, more narrow in back. Of course, Andy has a smaller, less Persian-like head, a legacy of his Birman father, and Dougy has the classic far head of the Persian, a legacy of his mother. Andy’s eyes are yellow, and Dougy’s more orangey-brown (“copper” is what they call it). In person (?), Andy is a bit smaller, easily a pound (453 grams) lighter than Dougy, since he has a lighter frame, again a legacy of his Birman father’s.

  1. Mr. Doug – Your geraniums are very pretty. Mom bought a honeysuckle to attract hummingbirds for summer cat TV. We have had two for a few years, but apparently the deer got hungry with all the snow and ate one of them. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  2. we love geraniums too and that is a nice family tradition.. although our geraniums look not as healthy as yours… either it was wrong to buy them from bargain bin or it was the mama with her black paws ;O)))

    • Mine were on sale and a bit shop-worn – that is, lots of the blossoms were finished, others still in bud. The foliage, though, looked in good shape. Your probably will look better as the season goes by, especially with a bit of tender loving care and fertilizer!

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