Post 2119: sleeping cat styles…

louie asleep

My late ginger kitty Louie had a strange sleeping style…


…where his tail curled this way and he oftentimes pressed against a piece of furniture to nap.


The Persian kitty boys prefer to curl up on furniture…


…to snooze.








12 thoughts on “Post 2119: sleeping cat styles…

    • Yes, it is something they started doing when they were kittens almost to small to climb so high. I think your Mom states the truth!

    • He was huge – almost 24 pounds (almost 10.9 kilos) – and a very affectionate cat. I had to put a pillow on my lap when I sat in a chair because he thought he was a lap kitty. It only took one time for almost 24 pounds to land in my lap for me to learn that trick! LOL! He was a rescue cat that picked me when I walked through the cages looking for a companion for Freckles the grey tabby queen, my first kitty. Once he had my attention, I couldn’t see any other cat in the shlter I wanted more! He had tones of personality and was a very confident cat. When I introduced him to his new home, the first thing he did was walk around and opened every cabinet door in the house. I’m sure my jaw dropped! LOL!

    • Huge! My late mother was in a care center when I had Louie. I took him over to visit her one day and from that time she’d ask me about my cheetah! LOL! I thought she was joking – she had a quirky sense of hiumor – biut I finally determined she really thought Louie was a cheetah!

    • Yeah, he had really pretty markings, especially on his head. I still am partial to ginger tabbies, which seem to be mild-mannered, personable cats.

    • No kidding! I see some of the positions they get into and subconsciously think, “Oof!” LOL! Must be nice to be so flexible.

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