Post 1808 update: Finally, the post grooming photos!

Computers will destroy me! I finally got the photo problem corrected (I think) and now you can see other photos of the cleaned up and trimmed kitty boys. Andy wasn’t cooperative, so the one photo of him is the one in the lower left hand, where he takes a post grooming drink. Doug’s in all three photos since he is a photo hound! It’s a bit hard to see him in the one with Andy, but he’s in the cat tree hidey hole. There he is in the same place in the lower right hand photo. 


Here’s the Dougy “before” photo again.

29 thoughts on “Post 1808 update: Finally, the post grooming photos!

    • The ideal is once every two months. There was a scheduling mix up this year, though, because they ignored or forgot or didn’t pass on the fact that I can’t come in on dialysis days. About half of the dates scheduled were on dialysis day. Unfortunately, since scheduling is done once a year in November (for me), it wqss impossible to change the screwed up dates unless someone cancelled. Since I have two kitties, of course, if someone cancelled, I could only take in one cat, hope for another cancellation, which might never happen. Ugh! It got too messed up to change or hope for openings, and there are no alternatives locally or close by. The place I take them is only two short city blocks away, and the kitty boys protest all the way because they hate the carrier!

    • I doubt they thought the trip was worth it, but they were good boys at the groomers. Apparently they save all their good behavior for strangers! LOL!

    • I reduce their hiding spaces by slowly closing doors to bedrooms and bathrooms during the final hours before they are to go. Andy and Dougy were easy to catch this last time. One time, though, Dougy went missing when I needed to get them to the groomers. After looking everywhere, I gave up and took Andy by himself. Then I had a moment of coherence: I looked in the carriers stacked by the recliner, and Dougy was in the bottom one, hiding! LOL! Captured! I leave the carriers out and open on the chance they will get used to them, use them to sleep or hide, and it finally paid off.

    • I’m glad I finally figured out what I had to do to restore the link to my laptop. I had visions of having to get a new smart phone or something expensive to restore that link, but it just took magic and blood sacrifices. You know, the usual crap you go through when there is a mess up on a computer or smart phone!

    • Thanks, John! I had no idea what they’d look like since they both had some bad mats, bad enough I thought they’d end up with bald spots.

    • There’s that new kitty across the lane, Zoe, and she’s a black beauty. I don’t know about the Siamese kitten that lives there, too. She/he is too young for proms, so Andy and Dougy will have to work out over catnip which one gets to take Zoe to the prom!

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