Post 1816: Andy’s hidey place at medicine time…


Dougy followed me into the bedroom and perched on top of the dresser. He seemed amused, perhaps anticipating a race or a confrontation or…?


There the little rascal is! Andy is hiding in the dark – hence the black and white photo barely edited into a usable form – because I was hunting for him to give him his medicine. Not a strategically smart hiding place. There’s no place to run away!


Dougy is amused. Seriously, if you know Dougy, he’s laughing at his brother and aware that I always give Andy kitty treats after the medicine goes down, more or less, Andy’s throat. Dougy “shares” the treats with his brother. Well, helps himself!

10 thoughts on “Post 1816: Andy’s hidey place at medicine time…

  1. That’s a really good shot of Dougy. Yep, you literally had Andy “cornered!” Seriously, though, it’s too bad you have to do that every day, but as long as the meds are helping…

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