Post 2110: Dougy watches the economic news…

Dougy tries to be interested. It involves food, and, well, food is good!

He fought the good fight. Morpheus won.


12 thoughts on “Post 2110: Dougy watches the economic news…

  1. Only economic news we care about is our own! When is the Chewy box arriving. Who got dibbs on the box? In a few years all that “stuff” under your tv will be wireless and fit in a cigar box. (Did he say cigar box?) What’s a cigar? Nip on fire!

    • LOL! I hope so., That clutter is irritating. (I have WiFi and my laptop and printer are still dependent on that clutter though they asren’t physdically attached to it.)

    • The news is one of the most efficient means for inducing sleep! Unfortunagtely, I want to keep current given the nature of the US government these days.

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