Post 2111: the trap…

Dougy takes a bath before taking his nap.

Maybe he can get me to touch his tummy. Yeah! A little action before his snooze!

He waits but I ignore his tummy. (Not easy! That tummy is soooo soft and inviting!) He pretends to be asleep but I can see his eyes. Silly cat!

“Touch my tummy!” Hey, Dougy! I know your game and it is bloody hell! He’ll fall asleep eventually, then I’ll touch his tummy.

12 thoughts on “Post 2111: the trap…

  1. Does Dougy have a curly belly? Mom says my belly furrs look crimped and wave, but not really curly. The white Persian kitty before me had curly belly furs, especially if they got wet.

    • Yes. I took them in for their teddy bear cuts in the middle of May. Thjey are due their next trim in August. I’ve decided to get the shorter cut based on my failure to keep the mats in control past the second month. They were really pretty with the longer hair, though! Maybe I’ll think in terms of winter vs. summer length when their November appointment come around.

    • Dougy gets really cute expressions while taking his baths! Andy is all business but Dougy stops and gives me these “What are you looking at?” or “Please! Respect my privacy!” looks that make me laugh!

    • Precisely! “Know your cat!” is the best guide. I learned from Andy that even kittens are lethal, perhaps moreso because they think they are playing! (I think they are, anyway!)

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