Post 2129: A big deal tomorrow!


Dougy’s ready for the kitty boys’ eighth birthday tomorrow, July 1st. Rumor has it there’s tuna water in it for them. They already got their toys (wand toys and the now-hidden catnip banana…), but the only thing they really want is that tuna water. Oddly, they won’t eat the albacore, so Doug the human ends up eating it, though he’s not complaining about that!

28 thoughts on “Post 2129: A big deal tomorrow!

  1. Mom says it’s best that they don’t eat the Albacore, ’cause she found out “that it has 3x the salt content that regular tuna has, which can be hard on a kitty’s kidneys.” I bet Andy and Dougy suspected as much.

    • I was unaware of that, so am glad they don’t eat it now! Of course, I have kidney issues that aren’t related to food, and am not a fan of really salty foods. Spices and herbs make up for that seasoning!

    • Yes, and the kitty boys are proud to share that holiday! Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian pals! I live in a state that came into the Union on March 1st of 1867, so that was an eventful year for my state, too~~!

    • Andy and Dougy aren’t too fussy as long as it’s tuna water, chicken paté, turkey paté, choicken or turkey paté blended with lobster, trout, whatever. Andy (it was thought) had a food allergy that manifested itself as his ears becoming red (capillaries expanded with blood), but I think it probably wias his blood pressure instead. Regardless, they are normal now.

    • It’s a kitty favorite around here and for other cats I’ve known in past. I don’t get it, but it’d just get drained off and tossed if the kitties didn’t like it.

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