Post 1469: “What time is it, Dougy?”

Andy wants to know. Is it “kitty food time”? His caved-in tummy thinks it must be.


“It’s past ‘kitty food time’, Andy. I’ll round up the human.” And he does! 

Later, after breakfast, Dougy returns to the ottoman for a sprawl. Andy found his own private nirvana: Food is good! His tummy’s bulging out like a milk-fed kitten’s!


16 thoughts on “Post 1469: “What time is it, Dougy?”

  1. I’ve finally caught up with you again, Doug, Dougy and Andy! Good to see you and the boys again. Nothing like a good meal, the cats say!

    That is a nice site of Joel Sartore’s you mentioned a few posts back.

    • Yes, Joel Sartore’s wildlife photography is amazing. He’s one of Nebraska’s treasures, and he and his family live in Lincoln. I was really pleased when his work started showing up in National Geographic, the one magazine I always renew.

    • Andy stares at me till I sense there are eyes on me – creepy! And Dougy assaults me by walking on me, swishing his tail on my face, and kneading me till I react. (The tail swish usually is the thing that makes me give in!)

      • Our Marcus cat is the one who does most of the walking on me, and he is no lightweight kitty! 🙂 Nano just sticks a paw in my face, and Lucio drools. The three of them together are relentless. It’s the girl cats who sleep in. 🙂

        • LOL! Oh dear! I feel blessed only one cat tortures me till I wake! I always seem to have the cat that walks on me, sticks his butt in my face, and kneads me till I give in.

          The late Louie the ginger kitty and Dougy used/use that method. Louie also used to stick his face right up to my face, and the whiskers tickled me awake. Both cats purred/purr while doing this.

          I don’t know if it was happiness to see me awake or sadism, but it was/is effective!. On the other hand, when Dougy wants to sleep with me, he’s really sweet: he wraps his whole body around my arm. He’s done that since he was a kitten.

    • Most of that is fluff, but he does have a bit of a tummy! (Their veterinarian says they are the right weight for their build and age, which is important the older they get.)

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