Post 2313: “You are getting sleepy…!”


Dougy had a busy morning  He starts to take a cat bath…


…but succumbs to the urgings of Morpheus. His sleepy eyes are about to close.

Slowly, he drifts off. A short snooze is all it takes, then he’s up and about . You can learn from your pets: feel sleepy, take a nap! 



24 thoughts on “Post 2313: “You are getting sleepy…!”

    • It’s all how the light hits the kitty boys. The older they get and the longer their hair, the more the smoke Persian qualities come out in their pelage. It’s quite pretty but miserable to maintain!

    • No, I Google Translate for the Finnish. Since my response was longer than usual, the Finnish is a courtesy since he isn’t a native English speaker.

        • I remember how it was to struggle with German conversations when I was stationed there in the US Army~! I’m sure he can read the English and get the sense of it, but the Finnish would take him less effort and time. Simple courtesy!

    • Yes, that is my all time favorite sci fi film! I saw first in the local theater when I was a child. I’ve watched many times on television. I especially like Robbie the Robot and his arrival at the space ship on a sweet “car”!

    • Kuinka totta! Minulla ei olisi toistaiseksi 2300+ päivittäistä viestiä, jos ne eivät olisi merkkejä. Minulla ei ole koskaan ollut lemmikkieläiminä pidettäviä kissoja, ennen kuin palasin vuonna 2009. Ajattelin, että kissoilla olisi parempi lemmikki koiran sijasta, koska olen pienentynyt yhden perheen kodista huoneistoon. Kissat eivät hauko! LOL! Silloin sain selville, kuinka mielenkiintoisia he ovat, kuinka paljon persoonallisuuskissat osoittavat koko päivän. Koska tiesin vain ystävien ja naapureiden kissoja vuoteen 2009 asti, omien kissoideni käyttäytyminen on kuin uusia ilmoituksia koko ajan.

      How true! I wouldn’t have 2300+ daily posts so far if they weren’t characters. I never had cats for pets till I returned in 2009. I thought cats would be a better pet to have instead of a dog since I downsized from from a single family home to an apartment. Cats don’t bark! LOL! That was when I found out how interesting they are, how much personality cats show all day. Since I just knew friends’ and neighbors’ cats up till 2009, the behaviors of my own cats are like new revelations all the time.

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