Post 2314: the new box…

Dougy tries the new box for size and finds it’s fine!


Andy is aware of this new box, too.


So when Dougy goes off to do “cat things”…


…Andy is quick to claim the new box. He, too, finds it’s fine!


The Australian Tragedy

I can’t say enough to my friends in Australia about how sad and helpless I feel about the fires destroying life and environment in their country. My prayers are that the rains will come soon, that the tragedy will be followed soon by a rebirth of the land.

13 thoughts on “Post 2314: the new box…

  1. This looks like a pizza box. Now, I am a connoisseur of boxes and know that a pizza box is the perfect size and shape for a meaningful relationship. There is plenty of head room cause the lid just touches the head and body wise, the snuggie, the better.


    We agree the tragedy in Australia is horrible and we are hoping for rain and cooler weather.

    • Actually, it is a heating pad box. The pizza box would be fine if I had a fresh one. The thought of kitties with cheese and crumbs in there pelage is a bit concerning! LOL!

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