Post 2146: Andy endures more hassles…

Dougy waits for Andy to show up. He’s in the mood for a good chase!


Little does Dougy realize, Andy wasn’t in the guest bedroom. He hopped on the recliner from the north. He’s incredulous: Dougy’s still stalking me, he thinks!

Dougy finally realizes Andy’s been behind him all along. But, by that time, Andy’s raced off to places unknown, up north!

14 thoughts on “Post 2146: Andy endures more hassles…

  1. At first glance, I thought you had plagiarised our piece on Prince Andrew this morning until I examined your piece.
    Ah, THAT Andy, I sighed in relief 😉

    • Andrew James Thomas, the cat, is named after St. Andrew, patron saint of bonnie Scotland. LOL! He may not be a prince, but he’s not a saint either.

        • …and they weren’t 100%. Doubting Thomas, Judas, Simon “Jesus who?” Peter twice over. LOL! The rest were there for the miracles and a free lunch., I’m sure. Those were tough times.

          • Yes, ‘St Judas’ doesn’t really have that nice ring to it, does it?. I can’t see too many people flocking to his chapel in Westminster Cathedral every Sunday somehow 😀

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