21Jul20: a good kitty…


Andy has a chance to block the captions on this Ingmar Bergman version of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, a favorite opera of mine, and he doesn’t. Part he sleeps through…

…then sometimes he takes off on kitty business.

Of course, his path is across my laptop keyboard. It isn’t because he means to be bad. It just happens to be where he needs to walk!

He listens politely, too, because he is a good kitty.


We are healing, Andy and I. We will always have a hole in our hearts that only Dougy could fill, but we do have our fond memories of him. He was a good kitty, too.



28 thoughts on “21Jul20: a good kitty…

  1. He will be in a lot of our memories, he was such a special boy. The kitty boys may have been twins, yet each had their own distinct and different personality. I will always remember chuckling at Dougy’s mischievous nature. 💙🌈🐾😹

  2. Andy is indeed his own mancat. He looks so good in his groomed coat.

    Listening to opera…..never developed the skill here but have a deep respect for those that have enjoyed opera. One day I would like to enjoy an opera. I would need some guidance on how to appreciate the opera.

    Dougy, will be missed horribly. In time the character in Dougy will be the first thing that comes to mind. You have Andy to share your memories with as I had Shoko to share Kali’s memories.


    • I have hundreds of videos and photos of both kitty boys, a legacy of blogging and vlogging. I’m glad for that. I will go back to those often, I know. Dougy was a sweet kitty.

      As for opera, I have CDs that come with the notes and the librettos. A lot of opera appreciation comes of familiarity with the story so you can just listen to the music and enjoy the super-human singing. It is challenging to follow the libretto, but knowledge of the typical languages they were written in – Italian, French, and German are the big three – helps, even if it is just to be familiar with how they sound spoken (or sung!). The biggest challenge is finding three, four hours to listen to a typical complete opera. A compilation of favorite arias from many operas is an easy way to enjoy the music and get ideas for which time’s operas and composers appeal to you the most. I personally enjoy Baroque operas – Handel, Rameau, Lully, Vivaldi, Monteverdi – most, but later ones by Mozart and Gluck are enjoyable. Almost any of the Italians in the 19th Century and the Frenchman, Delibes, wrote enjoyable operas, as did Puccini.

  3. It’s one of my favorite operas as well, Doug, and I’ve never seen this production. Thank you and Andy for pointing me to it. It’s good to hear that both of you are healing; it will certainly take time.
    How was Andy’s visit to the vet yesterday? Any word on reason for Dougy’s sudden tragic demise?
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Andy always.

    • I can recommend the Bergman film, which is online, I believe. He captured the naughty humor of the composer as well as the serious themes in an appealing way. I was pleased Andy let me watch it without kitty body blocking the screen.

      Andy has a lipoma on his side that is benign, of course. I did want to verify that was what bit was, hence the appointment.

      They didn’t discover what caused Dougy’s death. I was disappointed about that, but it wouldn’t change a thing if I did know.

      Thank you for your continuing support, Dolly.

      • I have found Bergman’s film and will watch, once we start listening to music again, which is nine days from now. Thank you so much Doug.
        Will Andy have to have that lipoma removed? I am concerned about the little darling.

      • That’s too bad they could not find anything specific, just to give you an answer to the ever lasting why? In cases like Dougy’s that are so sudden and unexpected when there was no forewarning or seeming issue, as in humans I wonder if it is a heart attack. We can take comfort in knowing he was asleep and went peacefully, having only felt love and a sense of serenity to have the best Dad and brother. 💙

        • I agree. I let them know I found lack of knowledge a discouraging thing, because if it were a pathogen, Andy might have it, too.

          I thought a stroke or heart attack myself, though Dougy had no history of heart issues.

          I agree on your thoughtful last comment. I wish no less for all of us, animal or human.

  4. doug, it takes time; and there’s no one’s “rule” to follow but your own. Each of us grieves in his/her own fashion and in their own time, and we never grieve the same for any one being, be it friend, family member, co worker, neighbor, pet…etc. etc..the grief will always be different each time. Dougy knows you and Andy love him, and he knows he has a multitude of “fans and friends” here in blogland that do too….♥♥ and who knows…maybe dougy has met up with a famous opera singer there in heaven !! 🙂 ♥♥

    • Andy is opening up a bit. Dougy claimed me early on, so Andy sometimes got cut short of time with me. I like seeing this as Andy is a sweet kitty, and it helps me, too, to be able to have kitty times with Andy. We are doing better after a teary week.

  5. You are both listening to Opera, this is so lovely, No one can put in words how much you love each other… Loving a cat means a lot but a cat loves human means more… Thank you dear Doug, Blessing and Happiness to you both, Love, nia

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