Post 488: family photos

Well, Andy and Dougy are my family now. I mean the ones who live with me.

That means we have to suffer having our photos taken. Yuck!

One problem: None of us likes having his photo taken! Except for accidental selfies, I guarantee, you never see me in a photo if I can help it. Same with Dougy. Andy, well, he’s a bit better about having his photo taken, a fact that lead to the common misconception that I favor him over Dougy. (We know better, though, don’t we, Fluffypants? We know why I take more photos of you than of your brother!)

Fluff... erm...ANDY! Just another one of the cats. Not my favorite. Um. Nope!

Fluff… erm…ANDY! Just another one of the cats. Not my favorite. Um… Nope!

Dougy took a bit more stealth. He walked up to me for some loving. So I snatched him up, eh?! You would, too! Dougy is soft and fluffy, though he’d rather not be picked up for too long.

While he was in my arms, I tried to take a close-up photo using natural light, my nod to his aversion to flash photography. Not good! Dougy just knew he was about to get a burst of bright light in the face, and he twisted and turned to avoid it.

Poor kitty! I set him down on my computer desk. That did the trick, but I recommend you not try to read his lips: I didn’t know he knew that word…!



Then you have me. I routinely take accidental selfies with my camera. It has a hair-trigger shutter. Believe me, this is as good as it gets, these photos of me.


Be forewarned! You may want to scream!


Scroll very, very slowly…


Yeah, that’s it!





In separate “news”, Andy was a good boy today when it was medicine time. He put up a small protest because that’s expected of him, but he rated a hearty “good boy” and a nice nose rub with ear scratch! If he didn’t have the nasty taste of medicine in his mouth, he would purr! And drool.

We finished the most recent bottle of his medicine today, so I called the veterinarian clinic to order some more. We’re going to try chicken-flavored medicine this time. I don’t know that flavor makes much difference to my kitty — medicine is medicine — but we’ll see. He almost is at the point where he walks up to me for his medicine.

10 thoughts on “Post 488: family photos

  1. I didn’t know I knew that word either – until I scrolled down to your selfie!! πŸ™„ Poor Dougie and Andy – what they don’t have to put up with around you. tsk, tsk.

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