Post 902: Given my recent confusion about the date, can you trust me to tell you today is Caturday…?

Well, it is Caturday. Shame on you for suggesting I am losing it!

Anyway, Caturday is a day of indolence here, more so than normal. (Which is to say, we are pretty indolent on Caturdays!)

Here's Andy being indolent. Like the two Dougs, Andy gets indolence right!

Here’s Andy being indolent.
Like the two Dougs, Andy gets indolence right!

I always liked this photo of Andy because under most lighting he appears to be a black kitty. In certain light, though, his Birman father’s markings show in Andy’s (and Dougy’s) pelage. Cool!

23 thoughts on “Post 902: Given my recent confusion about the date, can you trust me to tell you today is Caturday…?

    • That’s what it looks like in certain light and from that angle. As I mentioned elsewhere, I think of him and Dougy as black cats, but that’s not strictly speaking true!

      • Not really…love the highlights. We keep the cats in starting early Halloween afternoon. Then with all the witches and goblins ringing the doorbell….the cats are in the bedroom. No worry they’ll run outside.

        • Just because they are black cats, mine wouldn’t ever be allowed to be outside kitties. I have other reasons for keeping them inside cats, though: their safety is the main one because I live fairly close to two major roads with heavy (fast!) traffic.

          • I agree that they are a lot safer indoors. In your case…I would move….just kidding…..I wouldn’t let mine out either. Are either of yours leash trained? It’s the way to go but mine kept falling over…even when the leash wasn’t on them. Kali ai figured….OK, she’s set in her ways, she won’t change. So when Shoko came into our lives, I tried…I really tried but no go with Shoko either…..she didn’t fall over though. she just stood there and didn’t move. I remember actually graduating to taking her outside and saying hello to someone walking down the lane and him saying nice cat. I looked down and Shoko was gone and I held the leash with the collar dangling off the end. She had run under the deck but I felt like a fool. ha…cats!

          • No, mine aren’t leash trained. I tried it with Louie thge ginger cat, and he was out of the harness practically as fast as I put hiom down on the ground. I never managed to make any further progress with him. I decided not to try with the boys because I couldn’t visualize walking two reluctant cats at the same time. I guess I could have tried solo efforts, but never did.

    • Classic Andy! For a kitty that doesn’t trust me (since he associates me with medicine and those terrible baths he and Dougy had to have when they were kittens….), he always stretched out on his back at my feet this way. Of course, he moves away quickly if he thinks I’m going to pick him up. LOL!

  1. Oh man caturday for her way to fast. All I know is that Ali reminded me it was Furday yesterday an I was wondering where the rest of the week went.
    Love this photo of Andy showing belly.

  2. I’d never have thought Andy to be anything but a black kitty and Dougy to be of a slightly lighter colour. This snapshot is a real eye-opener. Yes, you can see the Birma parent!

    • Oddly enough, they almost never look anything but black. I think of them as black cats, but you can sometimes also see the faint hint of tabbycat markings on their heads, also just when the light hits their pelage just right.

      • Same with my little Kessy. Normally you’d say she is just black with the odd dark brown patch – and then the sun hits her fur – and she is as dark-orange as a dark calico can get – and you see stripes on her tail, that usually are very good at playing hide in shadows.

        • I don’tr know about cat fur, but some birds are like that. They don’t have color pigment in their feathers, but light striking the feathers is broken into specific colors in the same way a prism breaks light into color. For that reason, that bird appears very colorful in bright light, but black in shade. It’s an amazing thing!

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