Post 1001: Whew! Getting well is exhausting!

I’m catching up with your comments, slowly.

I managed to accidentally delete one because of the quirky way this laptop does tasks if your mouse accidentally strays over a spot to click to do a task. Well, I  accidentally moved over one that said “Trash” while trying to reply to that person. If you are that person, please write back! [NOTE: They did, and I appreciate it because the comment was thoughtful and cheered me up!]


Dougy and Andy are much more “chatty” than they were before. I guess they realize they need to speak up or I will go away again. Or they just need an overdose of loving to make up for me being away for such a long, long time. Doesn’t matter. I am glad to give them all the loving them need!

Poor little fellows, though. All that attention they want from me is tiring them out, and both are sleeping while I type this blog. The first night, though, they literally kept me up all night. Now, they are a little less needy, but spend the night climbing on my bed to see how I am or, in Dougy’s case, to lie next to me for a little snuggle. He purrs when he does that.

One thing I’ve noticed about them now: When I pick them up, they both purr. Before, they might purr. Now it is every time! Yeah, they are happy to have me home!


I still am unable to figure out what the problem is with my PC. I hope to work that out so I can get back to posting new photos of the boys. I don’t kid myself. Most of you read this for the kitty pictures and videos, not to learn about me! [Awwwww! Is Doug having a pity party….?! LOL!]

Also, my lame attempts to put kitty pictures [  =(^+^)=  ] in the blog are in recognition of who the Internet minor cat celebrities are, and I am not one of them!



46 thoughts on “Post 1001: Whew! Getting well is exhausting!

  1. Angy and Dougy are really sincere and loving friends and their tender behavior for you brings comfort..
    The computers are not fiable 100% and , like the garden, teach us patience . I am not a fan of the lap top because I often mess with the key ( the same for the cell phones )
    I am glad to see again your post on the screen, Doug.
    In friendship

  2. Oh no, I was worried about you and hoped that nothing serious had happened, specially since you disappeared.
    I am glad to see you back.
    I am sure you being in hospital has made the dougy and andy realize how important you are to them. Well at least if they purr now when you hold them, is a sign that is always welcome. 🙂

    • Received! I’m in a bit better mood for finally getting a copy of the Medicare card asked for. Takes four weeks (!) to get one. Now…United Health Care, you are in my sights for telling people I don’t have supplemental through you when you take a premium out of my checking account each month by auto debit!

    • I’ll take your advice, Chris. I think I will blog on non-dialysis days for the time being. Got my Medicare card problem resolved, though it will take four weeks to get it. Now, to hold United Health Care to the wall for telling hospitals (and others?) I don’t have supplemental when they take a premium payment from my checking account every month buy auto-debit.

  3. Doug, just because followers were first attracted to your blog because Andy and Dougy are so cute, doesn’t mean that is the only thing we’re interested in.
    Purrseidon & Mr. M are joining in to send healing purrs to you. (And, I also, realize that the furry ones are the stars of my blog 😉

  4. Doug, we DO like to read your stories. With kitties and without (I do like those of the olden days you post now and then, too!).
    I am glad the kitties are enjoying kitty-time with you. They will for sure miss you while you are at your dialysis. I am not well at the mo and kept to my bed most of the day – and the tom came up to have a look how I was and snuggled on my lap (he is a huge boy!) and right now he sits on the window sill in the living room and watches me. The female stayed with me on the bed most of the day. But with her I assume she wanted to make sure to seize the bed when I left it … she usually has the bed to herself when I am at work.

  5. It may have been my comment that got deleted because I don’t see it, but I just looked quick and you have a lot of comments. I had said welcome back! I was very concerned when you were not posting until another blogger showed my a blog post with the rehab. address. I sent you a card, but it came back because you were no longer at that place. I will keep you in my prayers . I am sure Dougy and Andy are thrilled to have their Dad back.

    • You are the one whose comment got deleted, so I’m g;lad you wrote back so I could thank you properly for thinking of me and for the card that didn’t make it to me. I enjoyed those that came a lot since I was pretty isolated from my daily circle for most of the time.

    • Much better, Sheldon, and your blog is one I messed. I find it always inciteful and interesting!

      It will take me some time to get completely back on track, but I hope to update it t least on days I don’t have dialysis (on three days a week, probably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – it’s being worked on). All is hectic but I’m slowly getting back to normal routine.

    • Dougy must have sensed I came to your comment because I clicked on it at the some moment he stopped by for a good head rub and scritching.

      Yeah, I’ll get there, just slowly!

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