Post 1007: The kitty boys are back…in photos!

I imagined the worst and the worst didn’t come to be. I took my PC down to the Staples in Scottsbluff this morning, fully expecting to leave it there for a major cleaning. But it turned out the problem was minor, fixable while I waited, and cost me nothing. How good can that be? 

Best of all, I can insert videos and photos again. The weggieboy’s blog is whole again! Just for you, here’s Andy looking out the back door from his favorite high spot, the top of my computer.

andy back on computer

Well, not his best side, but you get to see a new photo of his just the same. Some things didn’t change during our absence. Andy on the computer is one of those things. He sometimes accidentally turns it on. Or maybe it’s on purpose: It’s one way to get a little heat!

What about Dougy? Once the small settee was taken to the landfill (thanks to naughty Dougy, who torn it to shreds using it as an “illegal” scratching post), I had a new place for the little desk and the blue carrier. Just an aside first, though. Notice the rope on the cat tree is thoroughly used. That’s Andy’s work. He’s the good boy of the two.

Back to the relocated blue carrier, one of Andy’s favorite places to perch. Here’s what I captured on camera today: dougie on blue carrier

Yes, Dougy sneaking a perch while Andy watched out the back door! Some things never change.


53 thoughts on “Post 1007: The kitty boys are back…in photos!

    • Yes, both Dougy and his brother Andy love the windows of the apratment. That and boxes are their favorite things. After that, Neeko cat wand toys are hugely appreciated by the kitty boys! (I don’t get paid to say that – they really do love those Neeko wand toys!)

  1. What a stress when the computer does not work anymore and what a relief when we was said there is nothing serious and and your computer find again its magic for free !! 🙂
    Photos and videos allow to better observe the behavior of your companions and the cimputer is precious.
    In friendship

  2. That is amazing that your computer was an easy and cheap fix ,that never happens for me. I am glad some things don’t change. It is nice to see the boys in their favorite spots.

  3. My scratch posts looked rather unused, until I got Kessy in 2011- she was a very good girl and till today prefers the scratching device over furniture or wall paper … FunTom now uses a cardboard scratching board – a lot of card board pieces, everwhere, but he is happy with it. So be it. Hail my feline overlords.

  4. The boys are all together again. Perfect! Imagine it wasn’t expensive at all…free! That doesn’t happen often. Count your blessings my friend. Seeing all you guys together again warms my heart.


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