Post 1016: Andy keeps an eye on me…

 Dougy usually comes from the wrong side of the walker and gets dumped when the seat tips. His brother  Andy is more clever. He always hops up on the side that won’t tip him, so finds the walker a good observation post that usually is near me. Best of all worlds!

Andy makes good use of the high walker seat.

Andy makes good use of the high walker seat.

Of course, when you are snooping on someone, it’s better if they don’t see you snooping! Andy was upset when I noticed him.

"I see you Andy!"

“I see you Andy!”

27 thoughts on “Post 1016: Andy keeps an eye on me…

  1. about different reactions to the walker. Kali is the only one aloud to get on my walker. There is a UTube video Bill took of Shoko and Kali when Shok was a kitten. Kali was not a gracious host. Call up Shoko and Kali and the video will be there…it’s funny. Every since then Shoko has never tried to get on the walker. Kali has not marked the walker in any way. She has licked the metal…I don’t understand that one but it leaves no marks. If, I put Shoko on the walker, she quickly jumps off. Your boys will get used to it and may ride around in it. I used to go to the door with Kali sitting on the walker….I got all sorts of responses from peeps. haha

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